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What you can expect from Queen Street Nursery School

 What Parents Can Expect

Skilled and knowledgeable staff who respect and value parents and are eager to build on children’s experiences at home. 

Information from parents taken into account when planning for the child’s individual needs and interests.

Staff who understand and respect differences, individual circumstances, and the changing needs of children and their families.

Early Years Learning Journey information, which will give a rounded picture of your child’s nursery experience. This will be updated regularly to include significant new skills and knowledge observed during play situations.


We will ensure

A prompt response to requests for information.

That you have confidence that concerns about your child’s learning will be discussed with you and plans will be put in place to address them.

The opportunity of a home visit by your child’s Key Worker.

The Key Worker, Senior staff and Manager are available on a regular basis for additional meetings, telephone conferences, or other extended conversations should you wish this.

On-going informal conversation about your child’s nursery experiences.

Detailed planning information and a good range of information about what the children have been learning about on parent notice boards.

A range of information available to you related to the work going on in the nursery for you to use at home with your child.

Monthly newsletters featuring key information and activities.

A welcoming attitude toward parent  participation, including visits to the nursery , group activities and participation in whole school activities.

Invitations to events organised throughout the year.

A curriculum information evening so that you can have a greater knowledge of what happens at nursery.

Parent  meetings offered throughout the session to discuss your child's learning and any other issues.

An bi-annual summary report of your child’s progress in learning.

The opportunity to be involved in nursery working groups and to be involved in planning and organising events.

Opportunities to share opinions and ideas throughout the session.

Access to a range of services and professionals e.g. Health Visitors, Speech & Language Therapists and Educational Psychologists.