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Welcome to the 2's Room

About The Room

These are just a few of the areas in the 2s room.  The 2s room is open plan however is sectioned off into areas. Our areas include:-

  • A messy area where the children have access to a variety of messy and craft activities such as gloop, play dough, paint ect.
  • A snack area where we all sit down together to have snack and encourage independence.
  • A gross motor area such as a climbing frame, there is also other physical activities provided depending on what the rooms planning is.
  • A story corner where the children have the opportunity to read stories with their friends and play with the puppets.
  • An outdoor area which is accessed daily and in all weathers.
  • A changing area. 
  • A sleep area.

With all of the areas in the nursery we encourage and promote Health and Well Being, Literacy and Numeracy.



Our Room Routine


8.30 - 9.00              Come into the room and set up 

9.45-10.00               Snack/ Tooth brushing

10.45                       Start Nappies

11.15                       Tidy/ altogether time

11.45                        Lunch



1.00                          Come back from lunch, Put children going to sleep down

1.45-2.00                   Snack/Tooth brushing ( for pm children)

2.45                           Nappies

3.15                           Tidy up/altogether time

4.00                           Children come into the 3-5 room


We have 2 "altogether" times in a day. This allows all children who come to nursery that day to sit together in a group at least once in the day. Our altogether time consists of singing, a story, playing a group game or doing a physical exercise together. Before we sit down to have our altogether time, we sing a special song to get everyone's attention. The link for this song is below.

Key Groups


Within the 2s Room we have four Key Groups. Each Group has a Keyworker who is responsible for documenting the learning of the children within their group.


The Keyworkers in the 2s room are:

  • Julia Marshall
  • Tracey Grant
  • Megan Aitken
  • Yazmin Burns


Some useful links and tips

Below are a few links to some helpful tips from the NHS. Their is information on:

  • Toilet training
  • Positive ways to deal with challenging behaviour and tantrums
  • Separation anxiety (this could be when a child is starting nursery for the first time)
  • Why play is important and different play ideas to use

 Their are also links for:

  • Introducing your toddler to a new sibling
  • Advice on services and support for parents

File icon: pdf Usefull links and tips [pdf 128KB] Click to download