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Welcome to the 3 - 5 Room

Responsive Planning

We have made lots of changes to the nursery rooms layout towards the end of the term Summer 2018.  The team carried out a thorough self-evaluation of the planning process and identified that it could work better to be more responsive to the children's interests!  After researching on our Development Days, the staff agreed that a Responsive Planning method of observing, assessing and planning would be far better for our Queen Street children.  The layout of the nursery is an extremely important part of this as an enabling environment supports children to be fully engaged in purposeful play experiences of their own choice and interest.

Nursery Environment

The level of involvement of the children is our main measure of success and since the changes have been implimented to our planning, the children have been involved and engaged in every step of the changes.  These changes will continue thoughout the year as we evaluate and adapt to meet the needs of all our children.  we plan to display more resources that will be freely available to the children to help develop and extend their learning. 



Key Groups

Within the 3 - 5 Room we have Key Groups. Each Group has a Keyworker who is responsible for documenting the learning of the children within their group.

The Keyworkers in the 3 - 5 Room are:

  • Megan Aitken
  • Lauren White
  • Michelle Ritchie
  • Susanne Simpson

Key Groups

within the 2's Room we have Key Groups.  each group has a keyworker who is responsible for documenting the learning of the children within their group.


the Keyworkers in the 2's Room are:

  • Julia Marshall
  • Michaela Kerr
  • Yazmin Stewart
  • Tracy Grant
  • Olivia Flynn

Useful Links

Below is some useful links from the NHS website.

There links are on:

  • Fussy Eaters
  • Meal Ideas for Children
  • Transition to School


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